Target Alarm Clock


Jump into the morning like a bullet fired from a gun with Target Alarm Clock!

Simply set the alarm to your desired wake up time. When the alarm beeps in the morning, an infrared target pops up that can be shot back using the Target Alarm Clock infrared gun. If you aim and shoot at the center of the target, it goes to snooze mode and you get five extra minutes of sleep as a bonus.

Practice your aiming in free time and improve your accuracy with two game modes, reaction tester, and accuracy tester. Target Alarm Clock is a fun way to wake up active in the morning. So, just grab the gun, hit the bullseye, shut-up the alarm, and start your day with a bang!


Dual Shooting Modes: Choose the Normal mode (1-Shot Deactivation) to snooze the alarm if you are a beginner or the Hard mode (5-Shot Deactivation) if you are an expert. To turn off the alarm, press and hold the (M) button.

Genuine Sound and Recoil Effect: The infrared gun produces a satisfying click sound when fired. When you hit the bullseye, the target falls back in the alarm clock making a more satisfying sound. Apart from the sound, a little vibration is also felt while firing to give it a realistic touch.

Record your Alarm Sound: Target Alarm Clock can be loaded with any of your favorite songs or you can simply record and save any sound inside it. So, unlike traditional alarm clocks, now you can wake up to your favorite track or even your loved one’s voice.

Energy Saver and Ideal Gift: The clock LED’s auto-dim saves the futile waste of energy when not in use. Simply tap any button to light up the clock again. It is a fun way for both kids and adults to wake up fresh and active, thus making it an ideal gift.


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Target Alarm Clock