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With Led Lights Mirror You Can Now Get The Perfect Lighting For The Perfect Makeup Even When It’s Dark!

With LED Lights Mirror convert your ordinary mirror into a vanity mirror by simply putting up these LED bulbs on your mirror. These are safe to use and doesn’t take up a lot of energy either. The mirror can be mounted vertically or horizontally, any way you want it.

Since it comes with a dimmer switch, you can choose the brightness level according to your need. Also, the color temperature feature allows you to select the color of the light whether you want extreme white or warm white. These bulbs will give you the Hollywood style feel that you’ve always wanted.


Easy to set up: You can assemble it easily and put it up on the mirror using the double-sided tapes or suction cups provided with the bulbs. No professional help will be required while setting this up.

Records the changes you make: LED Lights Mirror comes with a unique feature wherein it records the change you make in the brightness level of the bulbs. So if you have found the perfect brightness level, you can keep it as it is whenever you turn on the lights again. It won’t reset the brightness level until you amend it on your own.

No untidy wires lying around: The excess wires are hidden in the bulb which cannot be seen outside to keep your mirror neat and tidy and looks elegant.

USB Port functionality: The bulbs can be connected to a power supply through USB  ports such as laptops, power banks or sockets itself. It makes the process all the more convenient.


Material: Polycarbonate

Input voltage: DC 12V

Power: 8W/12W/16W/20W

Bulb size: 3.2cm X 4cm X 4.8cm

Color temperature: 3500k – 5500k


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LED Lights Mirror