Digital Measuring Tool


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With Digital Measuring Tool  you can measure any surfaces ten times faster without any hassle, unlike those flimsy metal tape measure!

You will never have you second guess any measurements ever again!  Digital Measuring Tool is accurate to 1/100th of an inch and features different measuring units which makes it ideal for professional and home use.

Made of durable and heavy-duty material, Digital Measuring Tool is equipped with a  precise, easy-to-read digital LED display for your convenience at work, saving you time and energy.


Roll Mode: You will no longer need someone to hold the other end of the tape measure! With Roll Mode, you can measure those curved surfaces, tight corners or irregularly-shaped objects in a swift. Simply roll Digital Measuring Tool onto the surface to get an accurate measurement on the LED display.

Line/Tape Mode: You can use Digital Measuring Tool just like your regular measuring tape for traditional measurements. It is equipped with a measuring string,  made of flexible nylon that can easily bend around an object and provides precise measures every time.

Laser Mode: No more spending days, measuring everything manually. With Laser mode, instantly measure across the room or large distances with the click of a button. Measuring wide/elongated spaces or long distances could not be easier!

LED display and Premium Quality: Digital Measuring Tool is user-friendly and features a large LED display for your convenience at work. Built to contractor standards, it is made of durable and high-grade material which makes it ideal for professional projects.



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Digital Measuring Tool